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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I seldom update. No time and its getting bored. Sorry:)
I get new baby-g watch for birthday. Sexy color. Red.
Thanks man

3:44 PM

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So long since i last updates, been like months. haha.
Got so busyy and no time and malas:) thank you.
Anyways, recent updates, we made up a new crew in september 2009.
From Soul Ignition to D'Rush. More new faces. Dah up sikit ah. haha.
Dancers now: Adlynn Cha Farid Hetty Ilyas Loloo Nashriq Wafi Yasin Yasmin
And anyway we made through finals for Beach Fiesta Competition:D
Check us out at my Facebook.

Final at Sentosa, Siloso Beach @2pm
Event starts at 9am-6pm
On 30 January 2010, Saturday
See you guys there.

10:28 AM

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last friday

firstly im bored now. dont know what to update. so if very boring then, sad uh. last thursday was arifah's birthday. we celebrated at pizza hut with other QC mates mattes. small celebration only. step gerek ah that day. came to school for nothing. why? ade ah. make me blush only if i tell you. haha. moving on, last friday, school was celebrating those national day thingy. and our class sets 3 booth. ours was manicure, make over and selling stuffs. i make one also for my nails but then for one day only. why i do, because cheap-o. haha. Others was printed t-shirts and all, i dont know what. our booth got 3rd in best dress booth and the other booth got 2nd. unexpected plus merepek. haha. and and last sunday my house had a feast upon the the upcoming fasting month:) pictures tells.

and then i miss sharyfah nur emira binte salleh, my boo boo. step cute je, cb. haha
ehh bila nak jumpe i? *roll eyes. haha

11:20 AM

Friday, July 24, 2009

ahahahaa. taken during lesson. like very the mendaks. friday is always like that. and most of my cliques is on mc. sick sick. sad sad. all spread love. haha, get well soon friends(:

10:39 AM

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

kepade yang takda kene mengene Jangan tanye. haha

omfg, my new born lil nephew, mohamad irfan is adorable. Unexpected tapi dah besar tak tau ah. haha
i bloody love my bloody girlfriends. day by day, i makin love them you see. haha

11:27 AM

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

hello mates, mattes

As usual im in school. Freaking bored. Test and exams is around the corner. Test is like every week lah sia. Maut ehh i tell you. Hectic with school and work, exclude dance. I miss dance like terrible. When isit next? Anyway, nafa test is today.

&& day out with him was great(:
thank you.

Update update update soooooooooon.

9:43 AM

Monday, May 11, 2009

For once after soo long of not updating my blog, my beloved black metal girlfriend connie rai bugged me to update. hahahahaha. So this is it. Make it short as im having class right now. Currently, i just started school back. Im in customer contact service which i actually wanted leisure travel operation but my course is doing great afterall with my newest friends. They awesome gerek and some step gerek. hahaha.

I miss Emira and TA &&
I'll update again soon(:

2:27 PM